Think you might be a better fit for Soul Coaching

instead of Counseling ?

Soul Coaching looks at themes beyond a baseline standard of functioning and wellness. It focuses on helping people access consciousness on a deeper and more meaningful level.

I created my own version of coaching for people who are looking to attain a higher level of consciousness about who they are and the energies operating around them so that they can decode the information and manifest their highest good. Highest good can include anything from finances to career path to relationships.

The beauty of the work is that it takes into account everyone’s unique life path, gifts, talents, and overall desires. This means that soul decoding will have different focuses depending on the client and what’s decoded as well as what they want – and choose – to do with it.


The coaching process will not be a good fit for everyone as it does not address needs in the same way that counseling treats clients who are suffering with mental and emotional instability in their life. Click below to learn more.

To find out more about how Soul Coaching works and who it serves, head over to the blog page.

If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation for Soul Coaching. Head over to the Inner Vibe Tribe scheduling page to book your appointment. 

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